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Brownfield is the term used to describe derelict industrial, military or commercial real estate that is problematic due to the way it was used in the past. Reintegration of this real estate can be hindered by factors such as historic preservation restrictions, possible contamination or unresolved construction law issues. On Brownfield 24 you can contact experts for revitalisation and the redevelopment of problematic areas.

You can offer your real estate free of charge or find real estate at Brownfield 24. Our steadily growing network includes professionals from the fields of conversion areas and revitalisation. This is where you can find the contact person you need for your project. Our information section also keeps you abreast with current issues and Brownfield projects.

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Brownfield 24 - Germany’s first platform for real estate, network & services related to Brownfields.

From revitalisation areas, through suitable project partners up to and including latest Brownfield news, this platform is unique.


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